Private visa for close relatives

The following relatives are considered as "close relatives":

  1. spouses;
  2. parents or adoptive parents;
  3. children or adopeted children;
  4. spouses of children;
  5. full-blood and half-blood brothers and sisters;
  6. grandparents;
  7. grandchildren.

Close relatives of Russian citizen can apply for a Private visa to Russia on the basis of a written application signed by a Russian citizen.

On the basis of such invitations single or double entry visas can be issued for a period not exceeding 90 days, or multiple entry visas issued for a period of one year.

Please note:

If foreign close relatives of a Russian citizen also have Russian citizenship, they must enter Russia with their Russian passports. It is prohibited for Russian citizens to apply for Russian visas with their foreign passports.

According to the Russian legislation, the following categories are not considered as close relatives of Russian citizens:

  • Partners who are not officially married;

    If such partners have common children, the application for a private visa for a parent who does not have Russian citizenship can be issued by the second parent (legal representative) of a minor citizen of the Russian Federation on behalf of the child.

  • Children of a spouse from the previous marriage who are not family members of the Russian citizen.

In order to apply for a private visa for close relatives of Russian citizen, the following documents should be presented:

  1. Application for entry into the Russian Federation, containing the information required for a visa (surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, citizenship, gender, passport number, registration address and address of the actual place of residence of a Russian citizen (in case of residence in the territory of the Russian Federation) , as well as surname, first name, other names, date of birth, citizenship, gender, passport number, number of entries (single/double entry visa), purpose of travel, requested period of entry, intended place of residence of the visa applicant and cities visit), signed by the Russian citizen personally at the Russian Federation Consular Section or at the Visa application center, or certified by a notary on the territory of the Russian Federation.
    Application form
  2. A valid international passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and its copy (pages with a photo and personal data) for Russian citizens signing an application in Tokyo, or a copy of an "internal" passport that was notarized in Russia, for those Russian citizens who certify the application by a notary in Russia.
  3. Documents confirming relationship with a foreign citizen:

    • for spouses: marriage certificate;

    • for children, parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, grandchildren: birth certificate or birth certificates;
    • for the spouses of children: a birth certificate and a marriage certificate.


      Minimum processing time for applications for multiple entry visas submitted with a written request from a family member is 10 working days

      When submitting an application at the Visa Application Center, a Russian citizen should present original documents confirming the relationship with a foreign citizen. Once photocopies of these originals are made, the documents are returned to the Russian citizen.

      If a Russian citizen provides an application that was certified by a notary in Russia, the visa applicant should present at the Visa Application Center the notarized copies of documents confirming the relationship of a Russian citizen with a foreign citizen. These copies should also be notarized in Russia. Once photocopies of the notarized copies are made, the notarized copies are returned to the applicant.

      If a Russian citizen provides an application that was certified by a notary in Russia, the visa applicant should present at the Visa Application Center the notarized copies of documents confirming the relationship of a Russian citizen with a foreign citizen. These copies should also be notarized in Russia. Once photocopies of the notarized copies are made, the notarized copies are returned to the applicant.

      If the documents confirming the relationship are not issued in Russia or Japan, a notarized translation of these documents into Russian language should be provided.

      Documents issued by Japanese institutions should be apostilled.

  4. A valid international passport of a foreign citizen, with no less than 2 empty pages for visas, valid for 6 months from the visa expiry date.
  5. Copy of the personal particulars/photo (bio-data) page of the passport. This is the page of the passport which shows the name and date of birth, passport number, issue and expiry date, and photograph of the holder.
  6. Visa application form filled out on the website, printed and signed by the applicant personally. (Please follow the instructions for the procedure, available at the above mentioned website, provided in Russian as well as other languages, including Japanese). The full name of the applicant must be written exactly as in passport. If you have any middle, additional or alternative names, please notify them all. Citizens of Georgia, Australia and CIS countries must fill in the visa application in Russian. The Russian Visa center can fill in the visa application on your behalf.
  7. One passport size (3.5 x 4.5 cm) clear photo in color taken full-face directly facing the camera and against a plain white or light-colored background. Only non-tinted prescription glasses and head covering worn daily for a religious purpose or as a part of national costume (in this case the same head covering must be worn in the passport photo) are allowed . At the Russian visa center you can opt for Express photo service;
  8. If you are not a Japanese citizen please check the additional requirements for the citizens of your respective country and follow this link to check the additional information.

Important! In case you have two or more valid passports, please make sure there are no valid Russian visas in any of the passports before submitting your visa application.

Please note!The Consular section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Japan may request additional visa documents, invite you for an interview or extend the time of visa issuing procedure.

Rates and Terms

For Japanese citizens

Processing time,
Consular fee,
Service fee,
6-20 0 4500
4-5 4000 4500
1-3 10000 4500

For non-Japanese citizens (may vary by country)

Processing time,
Consular fee,
Service fee,
Single entry visa
6-20 12650 4500
3-5 25250 4500
Double entry visa
6-20 20250 4500
3-5 40400 4500
Multiple entry visa
6-20 37850 4500
3-5 75600 4500

If the Russian Federation has a separate bilateral agreement on visa fees amounts with another state, the visa fees applied for the citizens of this state should correspond to the conditions of this agreement.  

Please note: 

Multiple entry visa applications with direct invitations from a company/individual are processed within at least 10 working days. Such visas can be issued only in case the applicant visited Russia during the previous year.

All fees are paid at the Visa application center in Japanese yen by card or in cash. 

Processing time doesn't include the day of submission and starts from the day the documents are delivered to the Consulate. In certain cases the Consulate can extend or reduce the processing time. 

Filling in the Russian visa application form

The application form for a Russian visa should be filled in online on the website of the Consular Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry:

At your request we can fill in the application form for you at the visa center. This is a paid additional service that costs 750 JPY for each page of the application form. 

A separate application form must be filled in for each applicant.

If you are going to fill in the application form by yourself, please follow the below recommendations :

  1. Read carefully and follow the instructions and tooltips on the website.
  2. When registering a new application form, create a password consisting only of Latin alphabet letters and numbers.
  3. Write down the password and the number of your application from, which will be assigned automatically. Take your number and password with you to the visa center. The number and password will be useful if you need to print out the form or make corrections, so as not to fill in the entire form again.
  4. Name and surname spelling must strictly correspond to your passport data page.
  5. Specified purpose of your travel, duration of stay and number of entries, the data of the host person or organization (name, date of birth, address) should correspond to the invitation.
  6. Enter information about your previous trips to Russia and other foreign countries according to exit-entry stamps in your passport.
  7. At the final stage please select the place of submission of your application — Visa Application Center (Tokyo).
  8. After filling in the application form on the website, print it out in one copy and take it to the visa center.
  9. If you do not have a printer, we can print out your application form at the price of 100 JPY per sheet.

    Dear applicants,

    We would like to inform you that at the Russian visa application centers you can opt for the following additional (paid) services:

    Please note!

    • Using the above mentioned services does not influence processing time of your visa application and does not guarantee that the visa will be issued;
    • The charges for the above services are collected in addition to the service fee;
    • All the above mentioned services are provided only at your request;
    • Please read all the terms and conditions before opting for these services.