Private visa for close relatives

The following relatives are considered as "close relatives":

  1. spouses;
  2. parents or adoptive parents;
  3. children or adopeted children;
  4. spouses of children;
  5. full-blood and half-blood brothers and sisters;
  6. grandparents;
  7. grandchildren

Close relatives of Russian citizen can apply for a Private visa to Russia on the basis of a written application signed by a Russian citizen.

On the basis of such invitations single or double entry visas can be issued for a period not exceeding 90 days, or multiple entry visas issued for a period of one year.

Please note:

If foreign close relatives of a Russian citizen also have Russian citizenship, they must enter Russia with their Russian passports. It is prohibited for Russian citizens to apply for Russian visas with their foreign passports.

According to the Russian legislation, the following categories are not considered as close relatives of Russian citizens:

  • partners who are not officially married;
  • children of a spouse from the previous marriage who are not family members of the Russian citizen.

In order to apply for a private visa for close relatives of Russian citizen, the following documents should be presented:

  1. Application for entry into the Russian Federation, containing the information required for a visa (surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, citizenship, gender, passport number, registration address and address of the actual place of residence of a Russian citizen (in case of residence in the territory of the Russian Federation) , as well as surname, first name, other names, date of birth, citizenship, gender, passport number, number of entries (single/double entry visa), purpose of travel, requested period of entry, intended place of residence of the visa applicant and cities visit), signed by the Russian citizen personally at the Russian Federation Consular Section or at the Visa application center, or certified by a notary on the territory of the Russian Federation.
    Application form
  2. A valid international passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and its copy (pages with a photo and personal data) for Russian citizens signing an application in Tokyo, или a copy of an "internal" passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation for Russian citizens, who certify the application by a notary in Russia.
  3. Documents confirming relationship with a foreign citizen:

    • for spouses: marriage certificate;

    • for children, parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, grandchildren: birth certificate or birth certificates;
    • for the spouses of children: a birth certificate and a marriage certificate.


      When submitting an application at the Visa Application Center, a Russian citizen should present original documents confirming the relationship with a foreign citizen. Once photocopies of these originals are made, the documents are returned to the Russian citizen.

      If a Russian citizen provides an application that was certified by a notary in Russia, the visa applicant should present at the Visa Application Center the notarized copies of documents confirming the relationship of a Russian citizen with a foreign citizen. These copies should also be notarized in Russia. Once photocopies of the notarized copies are made, the notarized copies are returned to the applicant.

      If the documents confirming the relationship are not issued in Russia, a notarized translation of these documents into Russian language should be provided.

      Documents issued by Japanese institutions should be apostilled

  4. A valid international passport of a foreign citizen, with no less than 2 empty pages for visas, valid for 6 months from the visa expiry date.
  5. Copy of the personal particulars/photo (bio-data) page of the passport. This is the page of the passport which shows the name and date of birth, passport number, issue and expiry date, and photograph of the holder.
  6. Visa application form filled out on the website, printed and signed by the applicant personally. (Please follow the instructions for the procedure, available at the above mentioned website, provided in Russian as well as other languages, including Japanese). Citizens of Georgia, Australia and CIS countries must fill in the visa application in Russian. The Russian Visa center can fill in the visa application on your behalf.
  7. One passport size (3.5 x 4.5 cm) clear photo in color taken full-face directly facing the camera and against a plain white or light-colored background. Only non-tinted prescription glasses and head covering worn daily for a religious purpose or as a part of national costume (in this case the same head covering must be worn in the passport photo) are allowed . At the Russian visa center you can opt for Express photo service;
  8. If you are not a Japanese citizen please check the additional requirements for the citizens of your respective country and follow this link to check the additional information.

Important! In case you have two or more valid passports, please make sure there are no valid Russian visas in any of the passports before submitting your visa application.

Please note!The Consular section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Japan may request additional visa documents, invite you for an interview or extend the time of visa issuing procedure.







11-20営業日 *
0 円
4500 円
4-10営業日 **
4000 円
4500 円
10000 円 4500 円
上記以外の方 ***

8300  /  13300   /  24800 円
4500 円
16500  /  26400  /   49500  円
4500 円

* 日本国籍を有する方が、観光ビザまたはトランジットビザを申請する場合、発給料金はかかりません。但し、申請から受取まで11営業日以上かかります。上記以外のビザを申請する場合、発給日数が6営業日以上ですと、発給料金はかかりません。発給料金および発給に必要な日数に関する詳しい情報については、ビザセンターまでお問い合わせください。

** 日本国籍を有する方が、4-10営業日以内に観光ビザまたはトランジットビザの発給をご希望の場合、発給料金は4000円かかります。上記以外のビザが4-5営業日以内に発給される場合、発給料金は同じく4000円かかります。発給料金および発給に必要な日数に関する詳しい情報については、ビザセンターまでお問い合わせください。

*** ロシア政府との間にロシアビザ発行のサービス料の金額及びサービス料の支払い有無に関する国際条約を有する国の国民の皆様に対して上記の各国の国際条約の条件が適用されます。






ロシアビザの申請書は、ロシア外務省領事局の専用サイト https://visa.kdmid.ruで取得しオンラインで作成しなければなりません。

オンライン申請が難しい場合、当ビザセンターにて書類提出時に  申請書作成 サービスをご利用いただけます。このサービスの追加料金として申請書1ページに付き750円を請求させていただきます。



  1. 上記サイトに掲載されているマニュアルおよび表示されるヒントをよく読んだ上で入力してください。
  2. 新しい申請書を登録する際、英数字のみのパスワードを指定してください。
  3. パスワードと自動的に付与される申請書番号を必ずお控えください。当ビザセンターで書類を提出するとき、申請書の印刷または修正を行う際にパスワードと申請書番号が必要です。
  4. 申請書にご入力いただく氏名は、パスポートに記載されている綴りで登録してください。
  5. 申請書にご入力いただく訪問目的、滞在期間、エントリー数、招待者の氏名または名称、生年月日、住所は、招待状に記載されている内容に一致しなければなりません。
  6. パスポートの入国証印に基いて、ロシア及びその他国への渡航歴を登録してください。
  7. 申請書作成の最終段階で申請場所としてビザセンター (東京)をお選びください。
  8. 申請書の作成が完了したら、1通を印刷して当ビザセンターへご持参ください。
  9. 印刷できない場合、当ビザセンターで印刷サービスをご利用いただけます(料金は1ページに付き100円です)。




  • 上記のサービスの利用はビザ申請書の作成過程の審査には一切の影響を及ぼさず、またビザの受け取りを必ず保証するわけではありません。
  • 上記のオプションサービスを利用された場合の料金は通常のビザ代行手数料に上乗せされます。
  • 上記に記載されているすべてのオプションサービスは、お客様のご要望によってのみ提供されます。
  • 上記のオプションサービスをご利用になる前に、ご利用条件をご確認いただきますようよろしくお願いします。